TTwars Server Information

TTwars Updates !

All the rules have been updated ...
The game formulas are exactly the same as the Original Travin game

Including these updates:


(The troops will leave at the moment of the attack and return 180 seconds after. The troops will only evade
if there are NO troops returning home within 10 seconds prior to the attack)

2. Artefact effects

Artefacts are powerful items crafted by the ancient tribe of Natars and they grant immense power to whoever own them.
The system has been updated and all the formulas have been updated according to the main servers

3. Immediate Finish troops Traning

This option is only in VIP servers and you can finish their construction immediately by using gold.

4. World Of Wonder Problem!

There is a problem with upgrading the wonder of the world Because we use both new and old versions,
we cannot solve this problem And you must change to new version (4.6) to upgrade the WorldOfWonder

5. Oasis Troops!

About the low troops of oases : Every time the top 10 goes to restart the oasis troops will be spawn

5. Special World Medals

you need to verify e-mail address to show it on your profile .

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