TTwars Server Information

1. Normal Servers

( domain names = nor1, nor2, nor3,... ) :

These servers are for all TTWAR players, even those who have little talent and ability to play This server does not require much gold, and anyone will be able to win the server with the strategy that goes ahead and use server awards on subsequent servers.

2. Vip Servers

( domain names = vip1, vip2, vip3,... ) :

This server is special for Travian professional players and those who want to have more plus features in the server.
This server includes sales of Resources and Animals
And there are a lot of gold options available on this server

3. Unlmited Gold Servers

( domain names = unl1, unl2, unl3,... ) :

These servers will run every Two weeks and run as unlimited gold
This server is a pleasure and competition, and these servers run for one day
and the news of the start of these servers will be announced to everyone on the TTwars Homepage.

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